Please note ....

The course price is detailed on the "Timetable" and is payable week 1 of the course, no refunds can be given for non attendence. Sorry 


One to One tuition (currently not available)

This is offered on a individual basis to meet your needs, whether it is for a young child, or an adult, or for mums with 2 children that would like to teach both at the same time.  I can assess your needs to see how best to move you or your children on. This is subject to pool hire times.


Baby Swimming classes

Classes are conducted with both parent and baby in the water on a one to one basis therefore swimming aids are not necessary. The classes are designed to stimulate your baby’s early reflexes in the water, to enable them to progress earlier into swimming unaided.

The lesson plan is different every week, but the aims are the same, mainly water confidence and learning the early foundations for swimming.

Pre-school classes

These classes are again designed for adult and child to enjoy the water and learn together. Whether your child is very nervous and not ready to join into classes without you or whether you have an over confident child that has no fear, these classes will teach you how to enjoy the water through play and progressive techniques, according to their ability rather than age. The lessons will help to build self confidence, closeness, communication and trust. The main aim is to achieve there first independent strokes. I also use language the children understand, such as animals in different shapes to help them remember the strokes easier. I also have "Jenny's Box of Toys" which changes each week, and includes Peppa Pig and dinosaurs and much more !

Adult Classes

These lessons are aimed at non-swimmers initially, who for what ever reason have not yet experienced the enjoyment of swimming. Having lots of experience with other adults I can appreciate how individual adults are and help your overcome any personal fears you may have developed earlier on in life.  You will soon be able to make the most of your sun holidays!

Certificates are awarded for skills and distances for all !! Babies, pre-school and Adults, either the Stanley Award by the STA or the Swim England Stages by the ASA.